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Tour 2003 


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This Journal will allow our family and friends (some we know and some we have yet to meet) to follow us as we travel on our Cannondale Tandem (Lilly J Jnr) on a Bike Ride across the USA. 

We need to acknowledge that these types of Journals, written by the many cyclists we endeavour to follow. They have been a source of both Information and Inspiration to us and we thanks them all for their works.

We are travelling with a small group of like minded people brought together by Adventure Cycling Association . typically both cyclists from the USA and International rides come together each northern summer to complete this ride.

We have been asked many times why take on such a big task as riding 4200 Miles when you could for instance hire a car and see the sights. Could it be middle age crisis ? or maybe a pain wish, no sorry folks nothing like that. 

To us it is simply a HUGE adventure packed with fun.

The return to freedom and youthfulness only a bicycle can give. The pleasure of seeing new places and meeting new people. The excitement of sleeping in an unknown place each night, all the tastes, smells and experiences only travel can deliver to the human senses. 

Sure it would have been great to have canoed down the Amazon or to have stood  at Hillarie's Steps contemplating an Everest Attempt but hey this is the real world. This ride is something anyone should be able to do with a little planning and preparation on the bike. We feel it is achievable and worth doing. In a few months from writing this entry we will know if we have made it. 

The lure of the open road

We welcome you to read on and follow us from Virginia to Oregon, as we pedal about xxxxxx revolutions of the crank - we quote from something we have read somewhere on Adventure Cycling Journal pages.



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